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Your Crypto Goals

My personal goal for the next bull run (~2024-2025) is to become a multimillionaire... (at least +$2,000,000 - $100,000,000 in profit)!

What is your goal?

Reply to this email and make your goal real!

No more B.S. - let's get it my G.

My Strategy Revealed

All the income I get during the bear market I will deploy like this (I learned this from a billionaire):

40% of the money goes to taxes
40% I invest in assets/myself
20% I use to buy food, water, and shelter

This strategy allows me to heavily invest during the bear market which allows me to make insane amounts of money in the next bull run.

One of the pitfalls of this strategy is that one invests in the wrong assets!!

I made that mistake back in the 2018-2020 bear market...

I invested in the wrong assets because I didn't know what I was buying.

I remember listening to stupid influencers and buying crap like XRP & TRX...

Make sure you know what you are buying - only buy protocols that:

  1. have real user adoption
  2. are leaders in the space

If you buy anything else you are just rewiring your brain for bad habits.

You need to manage risk & create a diversified portfolio!

Learn this now - it will change your financial situation FAST.

If you don't - in the next bull run, you will regret it because you missed out on the biggest opportunity and you need to wait ANOTHER 5 years to become a millionaire...

I'm telling you - I have the keys to becoming rich in the next bull run.

There Is More

The only reason you didn't make big money in the last bull run is because you didn't have a proven system to follow.

This time it's different.

Now you can follow the done-for-you portfolio.

I swear those people who don't take action now will regret it for the rest of their lives.

Watching others become millionaires from the sidelines is not going to be fun.

I'm smearing this into your face because I 100% know that my portfolio will outperform any other "opportunities" you might have.

My goal is to get you to take action.

Do this now - sacrifice your short-term comfortability... then in a couple of years send me a picture of your luxury villa and brand-new Rolls Royce, sound fair enough?

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P.S. I want you to win in the next bull run because life is short. If you don't do this now - after 10 years - you are going to be in the same financial situation you are in today... now that's scary.

Disclaimer, which also applies to comments: This post and all other posts are not investment advice and I am not an investment advisor. I am not an advisor of any kind (tax/financial/investments…). I am only stating my possibly biased, incomplete opinions. I am usually invested in the projects / assets at the time of writing so there can be conflict of interest. Errors and omissions excepted. I buy and sell assets whenever I choose to do so. When there is hype or awareness around any asset or project, I often sell and take profits without any notice because the risk / reward ratio gets worse. I may sell or buy something at any other point as well for any reason. Since this market is so volatile and evolves so quickly, my opinion on any asset or project can change within minutes without notice. What I post are not recommendations, always do your own research. Do not buy anything because I mention it! Please consult a professional financial/investment advisor before making investment decisions. Investing in crypto assets or assets in general poses an extreme risk of complete loss of funds! Manage your risk according to your own personal situation and risk profile.


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